Froq! is a PHP framework that helps you quickly create simple yet powerful web applications and APIs with a minimal installation / configuration process. It basically accepts HTTP requests, applies some method / callback routines, and returns HTTP responses.

Froq! neither follows MVC architecture rules nor contains a Model component, but instead, it makes use of Controller, Repository and View components.

Froq! can also be used as a micro framework that you might be familiar with Slim framework.

How does it work?

After applying web server configurations, Froq! can be installed and run easily. Here is a HelloController example:

    // app/config/routes.php
    '/hello/:name' => 'Hello.say',

    // app/system/HelloController.php
    namespace app\controller;

    class HelloController extends \froq\app\Controller {
        function sayAction(string $name): void {
            echo "Hello, ", escape($name), "!\n";

And as mentioned before, you can also use Froq! as a micro framework. Just open pub/index.php file and add your routes with callbacks as below:

    $app->get('/hello/:name', function (string $name): void {
        echo "Hello, ", escape($name), "!\n";

Note: The escape() function doesn't exist in Froq! but is used there just because to emphasise that the $name variable is an external input (path / segment parameter).

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